March 4, 2010

About Us

Stratum Five specializes in revenue enhancement and profit improvement for global leaders. A gain-share consulting, direct marketing, and managed services company, Stratum Five develops high-value recurring revenue programs that enhance customer loyalty and drive incremental fee income.

We help organizations who are looking to diversify revenues or create new profit zones to complement their core business. Through our Managed Services practice, Stratum Five designs and executes customer acquisition and cross-sell marketing programs that create and drive brand loyalty.  The result:  increased customer profitability and maximum value creation.

Industries Served

Stratum Five offers fully-integrated and a la carte advisory and implementation services to a range of clients, domestically and internationally.  We serve:

  • Retailers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Telecom & Cable Companies
  • Utilities
  • Affinity Groups & Associations
  • Online Businesses

Our Executive Team and alliance partners have extensive experience in one or more of these market verticals.

Programs Offered

Stratum Five offers a range of unique customer benefit programs that extend customer relationships across a longer lifeline. Our portfolio includes:

  • Private Label Credit Cards
  • Instalment Lending
  • Extended Warranty
  • Balance Protection Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Group Life and Accident Insurance
  • Affinity Membership Clubs

Working with our clients, Stratum Five builds and manages revenue growth solutions on a stand-alone basis or bundled with the client’s core programs.