Would You Like Fries with that…Sundae?

The following post was originally published in August 2009.

Perhaps the poster child for cross-sell revenue enhancement is the foodservice industry.  From “would you like fries….?” to combo offerings, to super-sizing, the industry has long found ways to get us to buy one more item than we might have otherwise.  I tend not to frequent the drive-through burger chains, but at a recent trip through the Golden Arches for an ice cream sundae with my daughter, I noticed a new (at least it was to me) approach to cross-selling.  Before I could begin my order, the voice over the speaker said, “Welcome to xxxx,  would you like to try our such-and-such chicken wrap today for just $1.99?”

The suggestive-sell caught me off guard.  My brain was wired and ready to blurt out an order for two Strawberry ice cream sundaes with peanuts, and suddenly I was taken to a chicken wrap with some kind of sauce on it.  I applauded the effort. If I had stopped myself and ordered the wrap, the suggestive-sell would have been immediately successful.  I didn’t.  But – here I am writing about the wrap, so the company successfully planted a seed that has grown and I find myself curious enough to want to go out and try one.

The Bottom Line

Successful revenue enhancement efforts are traditionally measured in metrics such as cost per order, take-up rate, average revenue per patron, etc.   By aligning suggestive selling efforts with promotional advertising campaigns and longer-term tracking, progressive companies are finding new revenue growth when they fully align their electronic and human touchpoints in a ‘campaign’ period.  To optimize your cross-sell opportunities, consider contacting us.